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Strengthening the Relationship Between Health Plans and Providers

Millennials: The Driving Force for Healthcare Innovation

Key Takeaways from the 2018 Healthcare Call Center Conference

The Benefits of Automated Outreach

Guiding Patients to the Right Care

7 Ways to Accelerate Your Healthcare Call Center

The Big Picture of Patient Self-Scheduling

Intelligent Scheduling from Behind a Portal

Are your web analytics telling you what you need to know?

Digital Care Coordination is the Future of Healthcare

Three-Step Plan to Optimize Physician Capacity

EHR Scheduling Shortcomings - And How To Fix Them

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5 ways to reduce no-shows

Close gaps in care with facility-based scheduling

How waitlist technology can optimize provider utilization

How health plans can use self-scheduling

Self-service in healthcare is a game changer

Empower online scheduling with business rules

Stop outmigration with digital care coordination

Operationalizing Referral Management

What our customers say

Humana’s innovative approach to improve clinical outcomes

The top priorities for health plans in 2017

How ACOs can improve care coordination

Care coordination still reigns

Saving Lost Appointments

What your EHR can’t do

Look how HCA is using online scheduling

Patient Experience 2.0

9 ways to fix patient access

The rise of outpatient care

The next generation in closing gaps in care

When population health and patient engagement work together

Patient access is mission critical

How to optimize provider utilization

Scheduling online? Hint - ask your patients questions

Patient Access - it's about time

Improve patient scheduling with analytics

Closing the loop between PCPs and Specialists

3-Way Calls Hurt Patient Access

What is Decision Support?

Specialty Referrals 101: Can it be fixed?

Specialty Referrals 101: Who's Who?

Why does reducing lead times matter?

Online scheduling is no longer just a nice-to-have

Improving HCAHPS, the patient experience and profit margins all at once

Why we white label

First impressions count: improving the patient experience

How referrals work today

Consumers don't want a revolution

5 Ways to Promote Physician Adoption of Technology

How can online scheduling reduce cost?

What if you could improve completion rates by 5x?

Improving the Patient Experience (before they even show up)

How can online appointment scheduling help Clinically Integrated Networks?

Mental Health Cannot Wait

More than online scheduling (video)

How can online appointment scheduling elevate population health efforts?

Connect the Docs: Scheduling Across Disparate Systems

What if you could improve referral capture by 25%

What if you could gain 400% efficiencies for population health efforts?

What if you could add 3 new patients every month?

Prioritizing Data Security

How to reduce no-shows with data

Sprung a Leak? The Cost of Referral Leakage

Are your providers at full capacity?

Hacking Referrals: 4 Ways to Get It Right

Redefining Referral Management (free report)

Booking Referrals Shouldn’t Be A Headache

A Smarter Referral Process

Visit MyHealthDirect at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas

New Executive Brief: How Health Plans are Boosting Completion Rates, Patient Satisfaction and Business Efficiency

Power to the Patients: How Supporting Consumerism Benefits a Health Plan’s Smart Network

4 Ways Enabling Member Self-Scheduling Benefits Health Plans

Wait List Technology: The Secret to Happier Patients and More Efficient Practices

Improving Health Outcomes and Reducing Lost Appointments: How Digital Tools Help Patients Stay Engaged and Improve Satisfaction

Population Health Solutions: Preventing Patients From Falling Through the Cracks

Leveraging Analytics for a More Proactive Approach to Healthcare

Helping Patients Stay Healthy Requires Intelligent Scheduling

Better Quality of Care with Referral Management Tools

Got Risk?  Aligning the Needs of Payers, Providers and Patients

Technology Can Prevent The Physician Shortage Crisis

Digital Health Offers Faster Access And Scheduling

Nurses And NP's Can Help Increase Physician Capacity

Scheduling Technology Can Solve the Physician Shortage Problem

Why Readmissions Rates Are Still Rising

Helping Physicians Schedule Transitional Care

MyHealthDirect Recognized in Inc. 5000

Yale Study Recommends Pre-Discharge Scheduling

Lowering CHF Readmissions With Scheduling Tools

MyHealthDirect and Optum Share Success Story: Making Healthcare Access Easy and Secure

How Technology-Driven Millennials are Transforming Healthcare

Don’t Let No-Shows Wreck Your Patient Acquisition Strategy

How a Leading Health System is Gaining Competitive Advantage with Digital Scheduling

What Does "Patient Engagement" Really Mean?

Online Engagement = Better Outcomes

New Executive Brief: The Benefits of Patient Engagement

Bridging the Gap from Need to Action

Flaws in Current Online Healthcare Strategies?

Why and How To Use Automated Patient Notifications

What’s The Best Way To Drive Portal Adoption?

New Feature: Inventory Alerts

New Features: Send Attachments with Appointment Confirmations

Three Pillars of Customer Relationship Management

5 Steps to Reaching Consumer Care Nirvana

Transforming Networks into Smart Networks

Is Walmart a Healthcare Consumer Game-Changer?

Consumers Choosing to Schedule Online, Not Request an Appointment Online

Am I A Patient or a Consumer?

What Do SEO and Patient Access Have in Common?

83% of Consumers Visit Your Site – How Can you Ensure they Select You?

3 Financial Reasons Plans are Embracing Online Member Scheduling

5 Reasons Why Online Member Appointment Scheduling Is In Demand.

3 Ways to Attract More New Patients and Grow Your Practice

Supercharging Your EMR to attract and retain patients

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